My name is Jess, welcome to my blog 🙂

I am an independent, hybrid writer. I self-publish all of my fiction and enjoy a blend of traditional and self-publishing for my poetry.

If you’re a fan of Poppy Z. Brite, Kathe Koja, Chuck Wendig, Garth Nix, Maureen F. McHugh, Margaret Atwood, or Wislawa Szymborska you might like my books too.

Some fun facts about me:

I started writing poetry in the 5th grade.

In 2012 I earned an MFA-CW in Cross-Genre Poetry (also called hybrid/experimental poetry) from Goddard College in Vermont. I also have a BA in Sociology and am working towards a BS in Laboratory Science.

I have a day job that supports my writing.

I am an introvert and love hanging out at home with my cats.

In 2015 I married my best friend and I sometimes reference him in my blog.

I’m a huge fan of folk music, all styles from all places.

My Bucket List.

I am a very basic, beginner, birder. Here’s my Life List.

About my Poetry:

Sylvia Plath said poetry is the blood jet. Nick Mount, on Sylvia Plath’s Ariel, said the lyric poem is a frozen moment in time. Lynda Barry said an image is the formless thing which gives things form.

In my poetry, I try to freeze (or plasticine) specific moments that convey an image that I want to understand better. Sometimes those images are bloody (in case the big, wet deer skeleton wasn’t a clue).

I mainly write free verse poems but I also enjoy micro and prose poems. I’m not a huge fan of form or rhyme but I love sestinas, villanelles, and haiku.

Check out my post Writing The Echo of Something Hitting for more of nitty, gritty exposition.

About my Fiction:

The Slaughter Chronicles is a paranormal, contemporary “grim dark” fantasy about werewolves and other monsters. And the apocalypse.

The Heart of the Forest Cycle is also a contemporary, slightly less dark, fantasy about faeries. And also, possibly, the apocalypse.

I also have a draft of a sci-fi novel that I tried self-publishing back in 2018 and it was a huge, unfinished disaster so I’m trying to finish that now. And make it less of a flaming dumpster fire.


Poetry (FREE)

The Echo of Something Hitting: April 2018

Girl + Muse: October 2019

Lupercalia: October 2019

Hunting Cry: 2022

Stand Alone Fiction

Namaste Apocalypse: October 2018

The Promise: February 2019

The Librarian: October 2019

Past Life: 2020

Resonance: TBA

Patient Zero: TBA

The Heart of the Forest Cycle (FREE SERIES)

Always and Never: 2020

Here and Away: TBA

Morning and Evening: TBA

The Slaughter Chronicles (FREE SERIES)

Short Stories

Demon Moon: April 2019

Backstory Novellas

Dead Girl Moon: December 2018

Once A King: TBA

Book of Revelation: TBA


(Book 1) Havoc’s Moon: Fall/Winter 2020

(Book 2) Exile’s Moon: 2021

(Book 3) Berserker Moon: 2021

(Book 4) Cold Moon: TBA

(Book 5) Void Moon: TBA

(Book 6) Mage’s Moon: TBA

(Book 7) Hunger Moon: TBA

(Book 8) Falling Moon: TBA

(Book 9) Moon’s End: TBA

Slaughter Chronicles: Void

(Book 1) Dark Home: TBA

(Book 2) Children of Dark Home: TBA


My work is definitely more dark and gory than the mainstream paranormal/fantasy. More Alien than Galaxy Quest*.

I do not support violence or abuse of any kind on any thing (desks have feelings too), person, animal, organic, inorganic, sentient, artificial, anything. But I write about these things because they happen and they need to be acknowledged.

Most of my fiction is NOT family friendly, I liberally use profanity, mature themes, and detailed descriptions of peril/violence. I try my best to label my work clearly so that nothing sneaks up on people. A disclaimer is included under each book description. Please read responsibly.

I have tried many, many times to write the perfect disclaimer/advisory for my content but I’ve found other people who can say it way better than I ever could so if you want more, check out my disclaimer and trigger warnings post.

*I am in no way disrespecting Galaxy Quest. It’s one of my favorite movies. But it has tastefully mild squishy moments. My books don’t.


The Slaughter Chronicles Art and Book Covers

Robin Vuchnich at My Custom Book Cover


Justin Halsey

The Heart of the Forest Cycle Art




Knowing Our Past Foundation “Creative Response of the Human Spirit” 2nd Place Prize, 2003.

Randolph College Margaret Raynal Fiction Award 2nd Place Prize, 2005.

Academy of American Poets Honorable Mention, 2005.

Hollins University Lex Allen Literary Festival 1st Place Poetry Prize, 2008.

North American Discworld Convention Creosote’s Poetry Contest 3rd Place Prize, 2009.

Arkansas Writers’ Conference Rita Goodgame Award 2nd Place Prize, 2010.

Pushcart Nomination by The Camel Saloon, 2011.


BA Sociology: Randolph College, Lynchburg, VA, 2008.

MFA Creative Writing: Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, 2012.